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Discover the heart of House of Cakes

House of Cakes was founded by Fazila in 2004. We started off as local small cakery driven by the love and passion to bake and create. Ever since then we have grown to be one of the top cake makers in Zambia, with a wide reach of clients and projects. 

We have also evolved to be more than just a cakery. In 2021 we engaged in a fun reality show, Bake Off, that aired online and saw us stream local celebrities participating in baking challenges with the end goal of picking a winner. 

In addition, we've also engaged in creative and artist cakes that go beyond the expected status quo with various themes exploring our Zambian roots. 

Meet The Team



Founder of House of Cakes

Head Baker

18+ years experince

The Beauty of Expression

This cake was designed to explore the delicate nature of beauty and expression. With rustic tones and natural colours, this piece was meant to evoke the innate display of abstract beauty. 

The Balancing Rocks

Texture and realism is what we chose to achieve with this cake. Balancing rocks are one of the prominent landscapes in African scenery and we wanted to replicate the awe and natural beauty.

Rural Gems

Story telling is a prominent part of Zambian culture. We wanted to make a cake that told its own story  too, that of the local cultures that make Zambia the beautiful country it is today. The colour and design choice was inspired by the ethnicity and heritage of Zambia. 

More than just cakes.

At House of Cakes we are enamoured by creativity. We want to think outside the box and let our skills and artistry shine. Because of this, we have engaged in baking cakes that go beyond just being cakes. What we've proudly made is ART. To see more browse the gallery below and let what you see speak on the passion and dedication House of Cakes puts into being the best.

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