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Cake Gallery

We let our work speak for itself. Our gallery is filled with some of our finest bakes that we are proud and excited to share with you. Hopefully they'll inspire your journey with us as we work to create the perfect cake or desert for you and your event. 

Wedding cakes

We've baked 100's of Wedding cakes for both local and international clients. Wether it's an extravagant, simple, flamboyant, colourful, fun, traditional or abstract wedding cake, we've baked them all! 

Dessert Station

Yummy goodness and show stopper is what we strive to make our dessert stations. They are the creme de la creme of any event or occasion. 

Tea Time Cakes

For the fancy at heart, our tea time cakes are oozing with elegance, style and taste. When we think of tea, we think of cake and party! Whatever the season, there's always time for tea and cake.

Artistic Ventures

This is where our creativity as House of Cakes shine! What we do goes beyond the traditional art of cake making. We're constantly pushing our limits and producing cakes that can only be described as art.

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